Not everyone that lays a foundation is a fundamentalist.

But every member of our team is a believer.

There are more than 30 architects, engineers, planners, draftsmen, management experts, lawyers and project assistants in the team; all working together interactively across all the disciplines. They are all permanent employees. This is a tradition of ours and for good reasons:

  • We expect a high degree of personal responsibility and high quality work from our employees. In addition they need to have the right chemistry and energy to suit us.
  • Our customers are almost entirely regular customers. They trust us and value our reliability and loyalty. The ability to identify with the cause that this requires can be found in all of our employees.
  • We are known to our customers for our comprehensive project view and our meticulous attention to detailed planning. Our thinking and work is closely networked and we solve problems within and beyond our area of responsibility before they even arise. This requires plenty of experience and interdisciplinary expertise. As a permanent member of our team, employees acquire both of these attributes.

SPITZNER is also a company that takes on trainees.