With your feet on the ground

you can still build castles in the sky.

Words alone cannot describe an inspiring house. You need to have seen it yourself – and experienced it.

And that's how it works for SPITZNER too. If you tried to describe the company spirit at SPITZNER, you would end up listing characteristics like the components of the house. But a true impression needs to be made in person.

So do it. Come and visit us in Regensburg or St. Johann in Tirol and over a coffee (or two, three), you can tell us all about your ideas, visions and dreams.

We find those far more interesting than our own self-portrait.


  • quick to grasp ideas
  • unlimited in imagination
  • unblinkered and free of any affectation
  • down-to-earth and modest
  • uncomplicated in appearance
  • creative and unorthodox in finding solutions
  • clever and self-ironic
  • confident and yet understated
  • direct and binding
  • friendly and quick to make friends
  • addicted to coffee